Hip-hop Freestyle Workshop w/ Salomon Mpondo-Dicka

September 29 @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Starting from the participants’ own techniques, practices, and approaches, Salomon Mpondo-Dicka’s workshop is an introduction to building a foundation in individual freestyle dance. Different aspects of freestyle hip-hop will be explored through exercises and short basic choreographic phrases, both solo and in groups. Participants will experiment with how fluidity, dissociation, and slowness break down into several forms to feed a collective vocabulary. The culmination of the workshop will focus on the assimilation of this new material into a personal freestyle creation. Space is limited, so be sure to click here to register!
  • Open to all who have any experience of dance or movement in any genre – hip-hop experience is not required.
  • Ages 15 and up.
Be sure to purchase tickets to see Smaïl Kanouté’s Never Twenty One at PS21 for Saturday, September 30!..Read More

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