Capital Campaign

Vision for the future

While the Kinderhook Memorial Library has served the community admirably
for the past eighty years, its structure limits the resources and services it can offer as
a 21st-century library. Recent years have seen significant library population increases.
The effect has been most striking in the summer, when many children’s programs are
filled to capacity. And since all activities take place in two interconnected rooms, “quiet
studies and repose” have been all but pushed out of the library. The Library’s holdings
have grown and evolved as tastes and demands have changed. Now, with no place for
expansion, each new item acquired for the collection means another must be removed
and programs must be limited.

While libraries have traditionally been perceived as repositories for books and places
for quiet study, public libraries have transformed into central locations for community
gatherings, as well as cultural and educational programming. Contrary to the view that
technology will render libraries obsolete, public library usage across the country has
exploded along with overall computer use.

The Kinderhook Memorial Library is committed to remaining on its existing site,
in its existing building, which is integral to its history and the community. In order
to accommodate current and anticipated needs, the Library has launched a capital
project to expand the building to a total of 6,400 square feet. In 2009, the Library
retained an architect to develop plans for an expansion that would best meet service
area goals as determined in consultation with the Mid-Hudson Library System.

What benefits will the renovation provide?

The following goals are at the heart of the vision for the Library’s future: while the mission remains the same, the scale and means by which it fulfills that mission have been transformed.

  • Increased space for collections and technology;
  • A building that is accessible to all patrons;
  • Expanded areas for simultaneous uses;
  • Separated and dedicated areas for adults, children, staff, and young adults;
  • Expanded and accessible restroom facilities.

Just as important a priority is Kinderhook Memorial Library’s commitment to preserving
the integrity of this historic building and protecting it from additional deterioration.
The Library exists to ensure universal access to information and to connect the community
to the world of knowledge. In this way, it helps individuals to achieve their goals and be
successful at home, school, and in the workplace. As a modern library, it serves an important
role as a vital center of the community.

Funding the project

The Kinderhook Memorial Library has been, and remains, a nonprofit organization
providing public library services to the Kinderhook/Stuyvesant community. In seeking your
contribution to this renovation, we ask you to be a part of a proud moment in our community’s
history as we work to preserve and improve a beloved institution. We solicit the support
of every member of our community, whether you live here two months of the year or twelve,
to help us maintain the integrity of our building and offer engaging programs and services
that respond to your needs and interests. The estimated cost for the proposed project is
$2.4 million.

This is your chance to leave a meaningful legacy. There are a number of naming opportunities
available to memorialize family or loved ones. If you would like more information about or a list of naming opportunities, contact the campaign office at

Ways of giving

The Board of Trustees of the Kinderhook Memorial Library has created the following ways
for interested individuals, families, corporations and foundations to help provide the financial
resources necessary to meet its capital campaign goal. All contributions to the Kinderhook
Memorial Library Building Fund are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Cash gifts

You may wish to consider supporting the Campaign through an outright gift of cash or by
making payments by a pledge over several years. Cash gifts provide donors with an immediate
income tax deduction for the full gift amount.

Gifts of securities and securities transfers

Consider the benefits of making a gift of securities. Some donors find that a gift of this type
can provide significant tax advantages. The Kinderhook Memorial Library is fully capable
of receiving securities transfers. If you would like to transfer securities in support of the
campaign, or for further information, please contact the campaign office.

Matching gifts

Many corporations sponsor Matching Gift Programs to match an employee’s charitable
donation with a contribution by the corporation. In this way donors can easily leverage
the value of their contribution; in some cases the matching contribution is as high as three
to one.

Memorials and tributes

The Board of Library Trustees gratefully acknowledges gifts in honor or in memory
of donors’ friends and loved ones. Without mentioning the amount of the contribution,
acknowledgments are sent to those honored or to the families of those being memorialized
by the gift.

For more information about how to give, contact the campaign office at

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